Uncertainty at the Spanish Socialist Workers’ party

Celebrovsky, Pilar After 319 days without government, Spanish Socialist Workers’ party decided, no without controversy, to support Mariano Rajoy (People’s party leader), so he can be sworn in as a president. The decision came after the left-wing party General Secretary Pedro Sanchez resigned his position, and a newly-created Management Committee decided to refrain in the president’s election voting. […]

Europe’s most decisive week

Celebrovsky, Pilar Europe is facing its most decisive week, never before two ballots have been as relevant as the British and the Spanish ones. Both countries are in the spotlight following the election results. Tomorrow, Britons are called to vote so as to decide whether they stay or leave the European Union. Being the consequences […]

Spanish Popular Party hits democracy over lack of accountability

Celebrovsky, Pilar Interim Spanish Government has declined to submit control to Congress of Deputies (the lower house) since the current parliament is not formed by the deputies elected in 2011, expound the Popular Party. Given the  uncommon and strikking circumstance, Congress President, Patxi Lopez, supported by the rest of the parties –except Popular- decided to […]